MES and Industry 4.0, all-in-one solution

Why collect production data?

Production data is a treasure trove of information for your company because it allows you to measure the actual business performance. This data pool will allow you to start managing, in addition to the real costs of the order, possible improvements in the use of machinery (comparing productivity based on the type of product), but also to understand which machines need maintenance. Last but not least, the data will enable the software to initiate predictive analytics in order to understand which machines will need to be serviced and when. 

No installation required. You'll be up and running by using a simple browser.

The software can be integrated with your IT infrastructure through API standards

The software can be integrated with the most common Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI (Microsoft)

We've developed all of our solutions in-house, so it's easy for us to customise them to your liking. You ask, and we execute.

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