The industrial laundry in your hands.

Why Washit makes your life better

Through the latest technology available, Washit simplifies all the steps of picking, processing and returning garments through automated procedures and flows. The speed of the system allows it to be used directly during processing and guarantees, through customisable control mechanisms, to avoid typos and input errors. Leave the operators free to work, Washit will control your entire warehouse for you!

The drivers, equipped with an Android terminal, will collect the garments at the various pick-up points simply by reading the labels.

Upon return, once the vehicle has been unloaded, the garments will be ready to be processed.

For suitably configured garments, it will be possible to weigh them or measure their surface (e.g. carpets and leather). Later, they will be processed and the operators, serial number by serial number, will be able to enter processing notes.

All items ready for return will be included in the delivery note so that the driver can proceed with loading the vehicle. During this phase, the system will check all the goods and highlight any errors.

Once at the laundry, the garments will be returned (through the delivery note) and the new ones that need to be processed will be collected.

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